Sash / Japanese -one touch velcro belt- Red, Black, Cotton

All Kimono and Happi Coats come with belts made from the same material
as the item itself. If you would like to arrange your fashion with the different color,
how about a optional sash?
There is no need to take time to tie obi. You can attach this obi belt easily with one-touch velcro tape. The cotton with fine texture is used for the outer material, which makes the item well-designed. It fits together well with YUKATA.

WAIST SIZE (over clothes)
: 29.5 - 43.3in / 75-110cm

: width 4in× length 48in / 10cm ×122cm

: Cotton(outer) ,Synthetic Fabric(inner) ,Velcro tape

Item Information

Material 100% cotton
Condition new
Gender unisex
Color There are color variations.
Belt -

Our Selling Price: US$19.00(tax excluded)

Sash / Japanese -one touch velcro belt- Red, Black, Cotton
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