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Many items of yukata & kimono ...Please look!

Welcome | Kimono Shop Japan : We are Kimono & Yukata online store

Welcome! Buy Japanese Kyoto Kimono and Yukata
- Reasonable Price!
- Trusted Japanese Hand-made products!
- Speedy shipping worldwide from Japan.
- Many children's products are also available.

We'd like to introduce Japanese traditional costume, Kimono and Yukata at low prices.
Our Kimonos are so simple to wear that you just slip them and knot accessory belts, obi.
Therefore you can enjoy Japanese exotic atmosphere easily.
All items on this site are Made in Japan.
Our merchandise are not only reasonable but also good quality, so you can make a purchase relievedly.
Please look around merchandise below!

      Kimono, yukata, quantities are limited.          Our Kimono is simple, just only do slip into sleeves.
      Yukata is traditional houseclothes.               Happi Coat is short type. Very useful!
      For the people who need wider products.     Jinbei is tops and bottoms loungewear.
      How about changing your lovely                  Please enjoy do-it-yourself arrangement.
      kid’s appearance ?